About iNDIGO Architecture, Inc.

The synergy of experience and expression.

When architect Rick McCormack opened Indigo Architecture, Inc. it was a formula for combining the art of architecture and experience.

Rick McCormack AIA, NCAB brings 35 years of experience to bear on client projects demanding a seasoned, principal architect with contemporary flair, innovative design sense and cutting edge taste capable of undertaking virtually any conceivable project.

The range of projects are from custom homes, apartments, high rise hotels and condominiums to trendy restaurants, apartments and medical offices.

Indigo Architecture, Inc. provides the skills, experience, service and ingenuity to offer clients a unique resource in order to create timeless, contemporary and memorable buildings.

Indigo’s philosophy is to respect budgets while delivering the maximum “look” for the construction dollar.

Indigo’s boutique approach will assure clients a level of service uncommon in the industry. By partnering with the clients it serves, the Indigo team will be able to fully immerse itself in each project.



Knowing the intended use, site and the environment in which a project will reside is essential to design success. Indigo will concern itself with every detail of a client’s needs before design work begins. This leads to crisp, low maintenance designs allowing owners to ultimately profit from them.

Buildings use large amounts of our natural resources, and Indigo’s focus is “green by design.” Site orientation, materials and systems are used to save utilities and lower the carbon footprint of the project.

We invite you to discover more about Indigo Architecture, Inc. We look forward to what we know will be a mutually rewarding experience.

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