Marina South



Creating a harmonious luxury community around the water’s edge was the assignment presented by the developer. The design approach entailed maximizing the site’s natural resources and spectacular views based on its location in order to seamlessly blend the public sector with the private residences.

The result was the creation of two, 15-story buildings; Marina South I and II, the first “high rises” constructed within the City of Cape Coral. In addition to the condominiums, construction of a 20,000-squarefoot office and retail complex at the base of each tower is connected to a 500-foot-long boardwalk that ties it in to the marina. The project serves as a benchmark for the city and surrounding communities to which all other development standards of this type will follow.


Developed by Realmark Group, Marina South I & II high-rises plus mixed-use buildings at Cape Harbour are located on Cape Harbour Drive, Cape Coral, Florida.