Schematic Design

The Architect will interview the project stakeholders and assist the owner in generating a project design program. The Architect will then review that program and other information furnished by the Owner, research the applicable laws, codes, and regulations that apply to the project and then discuss with the Owner alternative approaches to design and construction of the Project, including the feasibility of incorporating environmentally responsible design approaches. The Architect and Owner can then reach an understanding regarding the requirements of the Project.

Based on the Project Program agreed upon with the Owner, the Architect then creates for the Owner’s approval a preliminary design illustrating the scale and relationship of the Project components.

Based on the Owner’s approval of the preliminary design, the Architect then prepares Schematic Design Documents for the Owner’s approval. These Design Drawings include a site plan, if appropriate, and preliminary building plans, sections and elevations; and may include some combination of study models, perspective sketches, or digital modeling.

At this early point, preliminary selections of major building systems and construction materials can be noted on the drawings or described in writing.